86 shop mm Gearbox Stepper Motor with Driv wholesaler er Jk1545

Product Description


NEMA34 planetary gearbox stepping motor, 86mm 2 Phase gearbox stepper motor.

42kg.cm Stepper motor, high torque stepper motor with 86mm size.

86kg.cm stepping motor, 12.5N.m stepper motors  



Used for robots stepper motor,

electronic automatic equipment stepping motor,

medical instrument stepping motor,

advertising instrument stepper motor,

lighting& audio equipment stepper motor,

printer stepper motor, textile machinery stepper motor.

Cnc router stepper motor.

Electrical Specification:

Gearbox Specification:

Driver JK1545:

2phase stepper motor driver for NEMA23 stepper motor/ 57mm stepper motor driver 1.5A~4.5A current , microstep from 1~256 ,JK1545, more current range than leashine M542


1.DC CZPT input type:24V~50VDC
2.Output current:1.3A-4.5A
3.Mircostepping:1(1.8º) 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 1/128 1/256
1/5 1/10 1/25 1/50 1/125 1/250
4.Protect form :Overheated protect, lock automatic half current ,error connect protect 
7.Working environment:Temperature-15~40ºCHumidity<90. 

I/O Ports:
1.VCC+:DC CZPT positive pole
Note:Must guard against exceeding 50V, so as not to damage the module
2.GND:DC CZPT cathode 
3.A+ A-:Stepping motor one winding 
4.B+ B-:Stepping motor other winding
5.PUL+ PUL -:Stepping pulse input+5V (Rising edge effective,rising edge duration >10μS)
6.DIR + DIR-:Stepping motor direction input, voltage level touched off,high towards, low reverse 
7.ENA+ ENA-: motor free 



1.When ambient temperature is high or working current over 2.7A, fix the module on big metal shell , or use axle flows fan dispels the heat, to make the module run reliably for a CZPT time. 


2.Half current automatically: if control machine not send out signal in half CZPT , driver enter half current state of automatically for electricity saving, the phase current of the winding of the electric


3.The fault phase is protected: When the double-phase electrical machinery is connected with driver, users are apt to connect the phase by mistake, thus would damage the driver seriously. The protecting circuit is within this driver, when users connect by mistake, the driver will not be damaged, but the electrical machinery runs abnormally, shake , and output is small.Please check whether the wiring of electrical machinery is a mistake.