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Product Description

industrial precision planetary reduction gearbox 

Product description:

Daixin planetary reducer gearbox is designed with large torque, high start and transmission efficiency, low-speed stability, compact radial size, low noise, etc.

The main devices we are making are walking reducers, lifting reducers and swing reducers.

They are widely used for vehicle cranes, crawler cranes, truck mounted cranes, marine cranes, aerial work trucks, excavators, etc.



Product Slewing drive reducer
Model DH1B23E
Max. output torque 1500 Nm
Ratio 23:1
Max. input torque 52Nm
Max. output speed 9.8 r/min
Application slewing drive for truck crane, wrecker, aerial working platform, etc
OEM  Acceptable



Product features:

1.Compact size
2.Low noise
3.High start-up and working efficiency
4.Easy installation, operation and maintenance
5.Various models for wide applications
6.One year warranty 
7.Free components for replacement within warranty period
8.Professional and tailored solution for different requirements
9.Free technical support at any time
10.Customer training is available.

Packing and delivery details:

Packing method: plywood box (1 pc / box)



Company details:

ZheJiang CHINAMFG Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of planetary gear transmission products, like slewing reducers, Travel drive reducers, lifting winch reducers, hydraulic winches, etc.

The company has always put quality management as the top priority of the company’s development. The products are manufactured not only meet the international ISO 4301 and ISO9001 standards, but also meet the US SAE J706 and the European Union CE standards. 

Daixin Intelligent Technology relies on quality, reputation and service to develop, cultivate and consolidate the national and global markets. Be our partners and be our friends.




Our clients:

The company relies on quality, reputation and service to develop, cultivate and consolidate the national and global markets.

Currently, the cooperative customers include: the famous construction machinery manufacturers, the largest wrecker manufacturer ZheJiang CHINAMFG Company, and the largest high-altitude vehicle manufacturer HangZhou Handler Company.

Products are also exported to Russia, Belarus, Spain, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia and other countries.





1.How to choose the product which meets our requirement?
A) Look through our shop, find a proper item, send me an inquiry, I quote details for you.
B) In case no suitable item in our shop, send me an inquiry with your requirements, we can customize for you.  

2.What is payment term?
A) For regular design: 30% deposit, the balance before loading.
B) For customized design: 50% deposit, the balance before loading.
Payment term is negotiable according to order. 

3.What is delivery time?
A) For common models in stock, delivery time are 5-7 days.
B) For customized models and new production, delivery time are 30-40 days.

5.How about after-sale service?
A) Within warranty, all spare parts are delivered for free.
B) Exceed warranty, all spare parts are offered with the lowest production cost.
Warranty period is 1 year, but our servicing is for the whole lifetime of product, so no worry for reselling and personal resell.


Thank you for the time. For any question or requirements, please contact me 🙂




Application: Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Truck Crane, Aerial Platform
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Layout: Coaxial
Gear Shape: Cylindrical Gear
Step: Three-Step


Customized Request

industrial gearbox

Emerging Trends in Industrial Gearbox Technology: Smart Features and More

The field of industrial gearbox technology is constantly evolving, with emerging trends that aim to enhance performance, efficiency, and functionality. One of the notable trends is the integration of smart features into industrial gearboxes:

  • IoT Connectivity: Industrial gearboxes are becoming equipped with sensors and connectivity capabilities, enabling them to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. This connectivity allows for real-time monitoring, data collection, and remote diagnostics, leading to predictive maintenance and improved overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Condition Monitoring: Smart gearboxes utilize sensors to monitor various parameters such as temperature, vibration, and lubrication levels. By continuously monitoring these factors, manufacturers can detect potential issues early and take proactive measures to prevent downtime and unplanned maintenance.
  • Remote Control and Adjustment: Some modern industrial gearboxes can be remotely controlled and adjusted through digital interfaces. This feature facilitates precise tuning of gearbox settings to optimize performance for specific tasks or changing production demands.
  • Advanced Analytics: The data collected from smart gearboxes can be analyzed using advanced analytics tools. This analysis provides insights into gearbox performance, wear patterns, and trends, helping manufacturers make informed decisions about maintenance and process improvements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Smart gearboxes may incorporate energy optimization algorithms that adjust power delivery based on real-time demand. This contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings, particularly in applications with variable load requirements.
  • Digital Twins: The concept of digital twins, which involves creating virtual models of physical gearboxes, is gaining traction. Digital twins allow engineers to simulate and test different operating conditions and scenarios, aiding in design optimization and performance prediction.

These emerging trends in industrial gearbox technology reflect a shift toward more intelligent, connected, and efficient systems. By embracing smart features and leveraging digital capabilities, manufacturers can unlock new levels of productivity, reliability, and innovation in their operations.

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Industrial Gearboxes for Speed Reduction and Speed Increase

Yes, industrial gearboxes are versatile components that can be used for both speed reduction and speed increase in mechanical systems. Their ability to manipulate torque and rotational speed makes them essential for various applications:

Speed Reduction: In many cases, industrial gearboxes are employed to reduce the rotational speed of the input shaft while increasing torque at the output shaft. This is commonly seen in heavy-duty applications such as conveyor systems, where high-speed motors are used to drive the system, but the conveyor itself operates at a slower, controlled speed to handle materials safely and efficiently.

Speed Increase: Conversely, industrial gearboxes can also be designed to increase the speed of the input shaft while decreasing torque at the output shaft. This configuration is valuable in situations where a high-speed output is necessary for a specific process or operation, such as in certain types of machinery or equipment.

By incorporating different gear ratios and arrangements, industrial gearboxes can achieve the desired speed and torque characteristics needed for a wide range of applications. The flexibility of industrial gearboxes to handle both speed reduction and speed increase makes them essential components in industries that require precise control over power transmission and motion control.

industrial gearbox

Variations in Industrial Gearbox Designs for Specific Tasks

Industrial gearbox designs can vary significantly based on the specific tasks and applications they are intended for. Different industries and applications have unique requirements, and gearbox designs are tailored to meet those needs. Here are some variations in industrial gearbox designs for specific tasks:

  • Helical Gearboxes: Helical gearboxes are known for their efficiency and smooth operation. They are commonly used in applications where precision, low noise, and high efficiency are required, such as conveyors, pumps, and compressors.
  • Bevel Gearboxes: Bevel gearboxes are suitable for transmitting power between non-parallel shafts, making them ideal for applications like printing presses, packaging machinery, and woodworking equipment.
  • Worm Gearboxes: Worm gearboxes offer high torque multiplication and are often used in heavy-duty applications such as mining equipment, elevators, and material handling systems.
  • Planetary Gearboxes: Planetary gearboxes provide excellent power-to-weight ratios and compact designs. They are commonly used in robotics, precision machinery, and aerospace applications.
  • Parallel Shaft Gearboxes: Parallel shaft gearboxes are versatile and can handle a wide range of applications, including conveyors, mixers, agitators, and industrial fans.
  • Right-Angle Gearboxes: Right-angle gearboxes are designed to transmit power at a 90-degree angle, making them suitable for applications such as paper mills, textile machinery, and cooling towers.

The design variations take into account factors such as load distribution, torque requirements, operating speeds, space constraints, and environmental conditions. Industrial gearbox manufacturers offer a variety of options to ensure that the gearbox design aligns with the specific tasks and challenges of the intended application, ultimately enhancing performance, reliability, and efficiency.

China Best Sales Industrial Precision Planetary Reduction Gearbox   automatic gearbox	China Best Sales Industrial Precision Planetary Reduction Gearbox   automatic gearbox
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