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     Gearbox assembly gear and gear box

     The Gear Transmission Division covers an area of more than 80,000 square CZPT and has more than 350 sets of equipment, including 15 machining centers, 3 turning centers, 16 CNC lathes, 20 precision grinders (including 8 CNC), 26 sets of CNC forming gear grinding machines, 3 sets of gear detectors,2 sets of three-coordinate detectors, 3 sets of gear box comprehensive performance test benches, 11 sets of pit carburizing furnaces, 7 sets of muli-purpose furnaces, 3 sets of nitriding furnaces, induction furnaces 2 machine tools and 1 quenching press. The equipment has a complete variety and a wide range of can process and test internal and external gears with a maximum outer diameter of 2500m, a modulus of 45mm, and precision of AGMA 14-13 or DIN 3962 stadard 3-4. With a prodution capacity of 40,000 gears and more than 10,000 sets of gearboxes,it has built a domestic first-class and world- advanced gear transmission system industrialization base.
Gearbox assembly Wind Turbine Drive System Gearbox for railway.

                  4400 Slave gear                                            Mechanical drive gear                                              HXD1C Traction gear

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CRRC Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Institute Co.,Ltd is a state-own company affiliated with CZPT group. Found in 1959, it locates in HangZhou city in the great ZheJiang region.Focus on R&D of critical equipment for China railway industry, it is a specialized research institution for new material and processes for locomotive and rolling stocks, as well as a high-tech manufacturer of critical parts and components for railway transportation.Currently, it has about 3,000 employees working in 6 production sites, its revenue exceeded 700 million USD in 2571.

Rail transit equipment, automobiles and new energy vehicles, ships and marine engineering equipment, aerospace vehicles, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, wind power generation equipment, mining machinery, robot parts, construction machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, transmission devices, instrumentation, electronic appliances, plastics R&D, design, manufacture, sales, repair, leasing, and technical services of products, metal products and parts; Mold manufacturing, sales, repair, and technical services; Metal casting, forging, and welding; Surface treatment and heat treatment; Orbital welding Engineering construction; Product testing and testing; Professional technical and operational skills training (excluding vocational certificate training recognized by the state), technical and management consulting, conference services; Rental of self-owned houses and equipment; Self-operated and agency of various commodities and technology import and export business (except for goods and technologies that are restricted by the state or prohibited from import and export); Design and produce print advertisements, and use the company’s public publications to publish domestic advertisements. 




1. How long is the product warranty period?
A: Two years.

2, how to place an order to our company?
A: After the products you need are confirmed by both parties, our company will CZPT a contract with you, and we will execute the delivery and other related matters according to the contract terms.

3. How to distribute the product?
A: We generally provide FOB prices, and the freight is borne by the buyer. If the buyer has the demand, we can also provide CIF price, our company is responsible for shipping products.

4. Settlement currency?
A: We can settle in RMB, USD and Euro.

5. Return policy?
A: In case of any problem with the product, the 2 parties shall negotiate a return or exchange according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

6. After-sales problems?
A: If there is a quality problem during the warranty period, our company will answer it to the customer within 24 hours. If the problem is more serious, our company will arrive at the customer site within a week to answer it. Products beyond the warranty period we provide maintenance services, provide paid replacement parts, provide paid customer on-site service. 

7, how to buy the fragile and consumable parts in the product?
A: Our company will make a list of vulnerable and consumable parts and provide channels for purchase.




Application: Machinery
Function: Speed Changing
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Step: Single-Step
Type: Cylindrical Gear Box


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industrial gearbox

Industries Using Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes play a crucial role in variousindustrial gearbox

Industrial Gearboxes: Handling Shock Loads and Variations in Torque

Industrial gearboxes are designed to handle shock loads and variations in torque through their robust construction and careful engineering:

Shock Load Handling: Industrial gearboxes are equipped to withstand sudden and high-impact forces that can occur during start-up, sudden stops, or unexpected changes in the load. The design often includes durable materials, precision-machined components, and reinforced housing to absorb and distribute the impact, preventing damage to the gearbox and other connected components.

Variations in Torque: Industrial gearboxes are engineered to handle variations in torque by utilizing different gear ratios and gear stages. When torque requirements change, the gearbox adjusts the interaction between gears to ensure the desired output torque is achieved. This ability to manipulate torque allows the gearbox to adapt to varying load conditions without compromising efficiency or reliability.

By providing effective shock load absorption and torque adjustment, industrial gearboxes enhance the overall durability and performance of mechanical systems. Their ability to handle these challenges makes them crucial components in applications where sudden loads and torque variations are common.

industries, enabling efficient power transmission and motion control. Some of the industries that commonly utilize industrial gearboxes for their operations include:

  • Manufacturing: Industrial gearboxes are used in manufacturing processes for tasks such as material handling, assembly lines, and machine tools.
  • Automotive: Gearboxes are essential components in automotive manufacturing, used in transmissions, engines, and other critical systems.
  • Construction: Construction machinery relies on gearboxes for tasks like lifting, excavating, and moving heavy materials.
  • Mining: Mining equipment utilizes gearboxes for drilling, crushing, conveying, and other demanding operations.
  • Energy: Power generation facilities, including wind turbines, hydroelectric pindustrial gearbox

    Emerging Trends in Industrial Gearbox Technology: Smart Features and More

    The field of industrial gearbox technology is constantly evolving, with emerging trends that aim to enhance performance, efficiency, and functionality. One of the notable trends is the integration of smart features into industrial gearboxes:

    • IoT Connectivity: Industrial gearboxes are becoming equipped with sensors and connectivity capabilities, enabling them to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. This connectivity allows for real-time monitoring, data collection, and remote diagnostics, leading to predictive maintenance and improved overall equipment effectiveness.
    • Condition Monitoring: Smart gearboxes utilize sensors to monitor various parameters such as temperature, vibration, and lubrication levels. By continuously monitoring these factors, manufacturers can detect potential issues early and take proactive measures to prevent downtime and unplanned maintenance.
    • Remote Control and Adjustment: Some modern industrial gearboxes can be remotely controlled and adjusted through digital interfaces. This feature facilitates precise tuning of gearbox settings to optimize performance for specific tasks or changing production demands.
    • Advanced Analytics: The data collected from smart gearboxes can be analyzed using advanced analytics tools. This analysis provides insights into gearbox performance, wear patterns, and trends, helping manufacturers make informed decisions about maintenance and process improvements.
    • Energy Efficiency: Smart gearboxes may incorporate energy optimization algorithms that adjust power delivery based on real-time demand. This contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings, particularly in applications with variable load requirements.
    • Digital Twins: The concept of digital twins, which involves creating virtual models of physical gearboxes, is gaining traction. Digital twins allow engineers to simulate and test different operating conditions and scenarios, aiding in design optimization and performance prediction.

    These emerging trends in industrial gearbox technology reflect a shift toward more intelligent, connected, and efficient systems. By embracing smart features and leveraging digital capabilities, manufacturers can unlock new levels of productivity, reliability, and innovation in their operations.

    lants, and fossil fuel power plants, use gearboxes for efficient energy conversion.

  • Marine: Gearboxes are crucial in marine applications, such as ship propulsion systems and offshore equipment.
  • Agriculture: Farming machinery, like tractors and harvesters, relies on gearboxes for various tasks like plowing, planting, and harvesting.
  • Food and Beverage: Gearboxes are used in food processing and packaging equipment, ensuring precise and efficient production.
  • Textile: The textile industry employs gearboxes in machinery for weaving, spinning, and fabric processing.
  • Pulp and Paper: Gearboxes play a role in papermaking processes, including pulping, drying, and rolling.

These are just a few examples of industries that heavily rely on industrial gearboxes to optimize their operations and ensure the efficient functioning of their machinery and equipment.

China Best Sales Urban Transportation Metro Gearbox   sequential gearbox	China Best Sales Urban Transportation Metro Gearbox   sequential gearbox
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