Shacman F3000 4X2 Power Trailer

Shacman F3000 4X2 Power Trailer

               shacman F3000 4X2 energy trailer


    1.Cummins main energy improve, Rapidly twin middle shaft framework gearbox, HanDe substantial ratio solitary phase axle, automobile electrical power enhanced by 20%, Cummins ISM engine  

2. High functionality: Improved muffler, improved floor clearance, new exhaust system structure, cheapest heart of gravity, new stabilizing technology  

3. Navy grade chassis, strengthened driver taxi, upgraded oil tub variety air filter, strengthened transmission shaft, enhanced cab front suspension, new front axle stabilizer bar and muffler, imported cab turning shaft, off street racing top quality taxi damping spring


4. Mature power shipping method, improved all round effectiveness, greater uptime, decrease upkeep expense


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Shacman F3000 4X2 Power Trailer