Single-Scr Cheap ew Plastic Extrud manufacturer er Gearbox (ZLYJ180-10)

Product Description

ZLYJ gearbox series are transmission devices, which are specially designed for single-screw extruder with high precision, hard gear surface, accompany with thrust. Adopting the technical specifications stipulated in JB/T9050.1-1999, all ZLYJ gearboxes are designed accordingly.
Main Features of speed CZPT :
1. The material of gear is the high strength alloy steel, it is manufactured by carburizing, quenching (and other heat treatment), grinding process at last. The gear is in high precision(6grade) and high hardness (reaches HRC54-62). Besides, it features low noise when operating.
2. It contains high bearing ability thrust, which is performed reliable and can withstand larger axial thrust…
3. All the items are treated by forced lubrication and cooling system except very few small specification products.
4. ZLYJ series gearbox is adpoted by six-side processing box. Its normal installation is horizontal, but can also changed to vertical installation according to CZPT er’s erquirement.
5. Efficiency transmission, low noise, CZPT operation time. 1. Standard: ISO, SGS
6. Inspection: All items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that best quality product goes out in the market.
Competitive price & prime quality & best service & timely shipment & OEMOEM service: Make based on your special sample or drawing and meet your need for high precision on gearbox

Type Spec. Output 


Input  (n) Output  (n) Output 


(N@ m)








N. G 


ZLYJ 180-10         18.5      900         90   1962        110        65      25: 1   300