Industrial Speed Reducer Hydraulic Planetary Gearbox Ap supplier p Custom lication for Construction Machinery

Product Description

Industrial CZPT Reducer CZPT ulic Planetary Gearbox Application For CZPT CZPT ry

Gear ring specifications: 200-885mm
Output torque range: T2≤540000N.m
Speed ratio: I≥3
Modular design, serialization of specifications and specialization of production
The input part  has round holes, spline holes, solid shafts, male or female spline shafts, additional flanges, brakes, etc., suitable for hydraulic motors or electromagnetic motors.
The output part include solid shaft, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc, male or female spline shaft, additional connecting plate, gear, flange and so on.
There are many matching accessories, such as cooling and lubricating device, backstop, etc., users can choose according to their needs.
Data Sheet :

Torque range 1000 … 540000 Nm Input IEC Flange
Mechanical rating (n1 = 1500 min-1) up to 200kW Electric motor
Gear ratios 3.15 … 5000 Solid input shaft with or without fan cooling – inch or metric dims.
Gear unit versions In line Applicable AC motors Integral motors and brake motors
Right angle (with bevel gear set) IEC-normalized motors and brake motors
Mounting type Foot Single and dual speed motors
Flange mounted Main brake features DC and AC supply
Torque-arm Faster brake reaction through electronically controlled rectifier
Output shaft options Solid shaft Main motor options Thermistors and thermostat sensors
Splined shaft Independent forced cooling
Female splined shaft Line driver and push-pull incremental encoder
Hollow shaft with shrink disc