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Product Description

Low Backlash Worm Gearbox Efficiency Servo Gear Boxes reducer zero electric transmission motor CZPT CZPT rs for CZPT Aerospace CZPT Gearboxes

The low backlash drive units HPCNHS type are CZPT in 4 sizes. Each size includes 2 ratios which are 30:1 and 60:1.

The drive units HPCNHS are built with a minimum backlash which can be adjusted due to the duplex toothing of the gears.

The low backlash drive units are built for medium CZPT transmission.

Worm Gear Units:

The NHS-Range gearboxes is CZPT in 4 model sizes and 2 standard ratios.The gearbox size is identical to the centreline distance.

Low backlash Features :

— Worm gear gyration backlash can be adjusted to less than 1 arc.
— Reducer can be re-adjusted the gap after using .
— Input with coupling : reliable without backlash .
— Output using conical clamping ring couplings : reliable without backlash.